Connecting people, technology & ideas to drive profitable outcomes

Profit starts with a vision



Use “big data” and analytics to uncover new opportunities

Get smarter about aligning resources to improve efficiency & effectiveness

Delight customers through superior service



Identify what would need to happen to transform ideas into reality

Clarify potential benefits and threats

Assess potential unintended consequences



Test, learn and adapt your ideas

Quantify improvement

Validate interest and either stop, maintain or increase investment

The challenge


Change in technology

Change in process

Change in skills & behaviors

Many organizations have a vision for how technology could improve their lot. It might be seen as a "silver bullet" - something to speed up success in a single shot.


If only it were that simple!

Having spent 17 years helping a leading analytics vendor design, develop and deliver advanced analytics - I know you can reach for the stars, travel further than you ever imagined and do it all much faster than you thought possible.

But there's a BIG IF ...

IF you want to do it efficiently, effectively AND profitably - you'll need to consider how your organization currently adapts to change; how decisions are made; and how culture could potentially derail your progress.

The BEST technology alone, may not be the ticket given your organization's collective analytic maturity & needs. Hornby Research can help you determine which path to follow.

The right path


Unbiased advice

Knowledge of business, technology & analytics

Expertise in strategy, risk, marketing, innovation & change

Partnerships with independent business intelligence, analytic & big data consultancies

Practical help

Assessment - people, culture & technology

Vision - focus, strategy & alignment

Roadmap - deliverables, connections & dependancies

Culture, assumptions and beliefs trump strategy & technology every time

"We delivered on time, on budget, exactly as specified - but the initiative was deemed a failure in the eyes of the business"

"We got the best technology - but are not sure how to leverage it and probably use less than 30% of it's potential"

"The technology seems interesting - but that's not how we do things around here - why change?"

Don't risk it. Before making any technology investment, let us help you map out the bigger picture based on your collective analytic maturity & needs.

We perform surveys, workshops & strategy sessions that leverage the "wisdom of crowds" to ensure you not only uncover the best path, but secure buy in from your employees - both business & IT.

By partnering with systems integrators and analytic consultancies, we act as a bridge between business & technology to improve the efficiency, effectiveness & success of your next project.