Analytic Maturity Assessment

Prepare for change



Achieving strategic goals via technology invariably means change. Change in how you do business. Change in the skills, methods and approaches your employees are used to.

Without the right preparation, that can lead to:

  • Fear, uncertainty & doubt
  • Unrealized return on investment
  • Potential to sabotage the present

No wonder many initiatives fail to live up to expectations!

Selecting “the best” software isn’t enough. It needs to be aligned with your strategy, your people and the culture of how things get done.

It’s a journey with many roadblocks and diversions. With the right preparation – you can exceed expectations.



Seek first to understand and then to be understood - great advice from Stephen Covey in the 7 habits of highly effective people.

The first step is to understand:

  • How decisions are currently made
  • How you leverage data & analytics
  • How you respond to change

Not just your opinion – the collective opinion of those that could be impacted by your potential technology investment.

Now explore how your strategy fits, how prepared your people are and how you can best adapt and evolve over time.

You’ll unearth hidden roadblocks, deploy risk mitigation strategies and plot a course that will enable you to test, prove and grow your strategic hypothesis.

The “key” is to achieve this as a team – a team that understands why, how and what you will do.

More importantly - how it will impact them - in a way that eliminates fear, uncertainty and doubt.



The Analytic Maturity Assessment is a fast track for understanding how your organization may cope with change - specifically relating to business intelligence, analytics & big data.

It acts as a benchmark for how things are today, how you stack up against others and how much progress you will have made over time.

We invite you to register interest for your organization and nominate 3 people to road test1 our 30 minute survey for free.

On completion, discuss your answers:

  • Were they consistent?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • How could others responses impact the success of your technology investments?

As a followup, we'll discuss where you stand on an Analytic Maturity curve and highlight options for moving forward.

There's no cost, no obligation or commitment.

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