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The Analytic Maturity Assessment is about understanding different beliefs and perspectives associated with how things get done within your organization.

Get 3 people (including yourself) to provide 3 different perspectives for this road test 1:

  • An individual that leverages data, analytics & insight
  • A leader/ decision maker
  • Someone from IT or marketing
The last perspective provides additional insight into the structure of your organization - size, diversity, focus, support.

Some of the additional insights are for categorical purposes, others to get a better sense of how central functions support the business.

If we were to extend this survey beyond the road test1, we'd divide those questions across HR, Marketing, Finance & IT to get specialist input.

For the road test1, you want someone that has a good view across the organization and is familiar with how IT supports the business. We are after "direction" not 100% accuracy here - nuggets to spark conversations.

After submitting your 3 names, we will setup an account for each and allocate usernames and passwords for the survey. They'll get an email within 24 hours to confirm details. Make sure you have their permission to share their contact information. Details of our privacy policy are at the bottom of this page.


1 Limited to 1 "road test" per organization

Your organization

Individual Perspective

Leader Perspective

Organizational Perspective